Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Panic! Panic! Gameplay

Here's a collection of Panic! Panic! -in Hyper Megaspace gameplay:

Gameplay 0:

Gameplay 1:

Gameplay 2:

Gameplay 3:

Enjoy! Each video features certain game modes. Sorry, most of the sound effects and music wasn't implemented yet when I recorded some of these.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Updates and Progress

Did some changes to Auto-Warrior. Most notably to the Buttons.

They are now different from regular text boxes. This should make it easier to distinguish what can be interacted with.

Here's seeing it in ACTION!!

There's been some considerable work being done on Panic! Panic!. A lot of that work is taking the work I had originally done with the original and making it compatible with new reworking.

The main plan is to release both Auto-Warrior and Panic! Panic! to Tizen by the end of the month so that they are eligible to be entered in the Tizen App Competition. It's been a lot of work and stress getting these two projects ready for the competition. Balancing all this and school has been tough.

Support continues for Auto-Warrior for Android and is available for download. We haven't made a release date for Panic! Panic! yet, but I imagine it will be around the same time as it will be for Tizen.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

TIG Source Devlog

I started a Dev Log on TIG Source.
Check it out. It'll probably have a lot  of the same info. you'll find here, but it allows for more feedback.