Monday, January 03, 2011


Ok, so I thought that I'd have a lot more games and stuff to release. But, I guess the holidays will do that to you. So, I've been distracted with all the festivities and family stuff. So, here's another screenshot dump.

The menu from Dungeon's Slayer, the simple RPG project from before. I'm still working on the music for it, very basic stuff. Well, it's a pretty basic game.
Another Scourge: of the Dark Knight screen. I'm just testing out the font that I created.
This is an old project called BLASTOR. You're this ancient giant wheel and you go around shooting and blowing stuff up.
This is a very old platformer. I was trying to make a game using only black and white.
And finally, for this set of screenshots, we have another battle test for Auto-Warrior 2.

So some old and new stuff. We'll see what I'll release myself in the new year. I'm also working on some android games with my brother, but I don't want to say too much about that at this time.

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