Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is my blog just a screenshot dump??

That's the way it's turning out to be as of right now. I have been working more with Auto-Warrior 2, so I hope that I can get at least a demo of that out soon. I've decided to take that game into a different direction, making it more like the first Auto-Warrior. There'll be more features and plot and everything you might expect from a sequel.

And now, here's some more screens of random game projects.

Tale of Travao...
Over world of The Dragon
Space Frontier
Now I know I said that I was going to release Dungeon's Slayer soon, but I have run into problems with getting the music to work... Maybe soon if I actually try to fix the problem.

Also, I've been made aware of a problem with Auto-Warrior Deluxe with some sharpscreen error from different sources... It's even happen to me once or twice before and I don't quite understand the problem. It's actually a script that I got from somewhere else. If I can't fix that problem, I'll just get rid of that script as it will not affect the game play, but only the quality of the graphics.

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