Saturday, November 24, 2012

I haven't done a whole lot with game development. This is mostly because of school and such. I've taken Panic! Panic! back to the planning stages and starting over. The coding was getting so clunky and a lot of was difficult to change and fix. I was building the finished product over the prototype. I wasn't satisfied with a mediocre game.

So, I've decided to start with completing a design document, then move forward with production. What was lacking last time was a lack of planning. I've gotten my brother to help with more of the coding. This will hopefully expedite the process.

Hopefully, taking it all back to square one will help make a more polished product.

Here are some screens from the original:

Title Screen
 High Score Table

It's not much, but it's just the first version of the game. This next time will be much more polished.

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