Saturday, December 15, 2012

More Work

This past week has been filled mostly with winding down from the last semester. I've had the chance to catch up on playing some games and watching T.V. These were pleasures that I had not been able to partake of for some time.

As for work on Panic! Panic!, I have done some more writing on the design document, as well as done some brainstorming for enemies and their tactics. I've also done the first draft of the storyboard for the intro:

There isn't much to it, I know. However, Panic! Panic! isn't motivated by plot or story. In fact, in the original beta, there wasn't a story to speak of. After some consideration, I thought it would be important to have at least a little plot, hence the intro.

I've done a few other things, like some of the graphics. Some of the sprites I did before I am satisfied with. There are others that I feel that needed some fine tuning, or a complete redo. Here's what I've done with the ship:

The original is on the left, the new is on the right. I've made it slightly more simple and used a different palette. I like the simplicity of the right, but I might have to change the colors. I don't know, if you (the reader, if any) have suggestions or comments about this or anything so far, make them.

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Anonymous said...

They both look good.