Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beginning of a New Semester

I'll be beginning a new semester of school this next week. It'll be cool because I'll be taking classes that will be helpful for me in making games and in general programming.

I have done some work on Panic! Panic!, but not as much as I should have. I've mostly just been working on some of the debug features so that it'll be easier to debug on a cell phone.

The re-working of the game has made it much more efficient and there has been little slowdown on the cell phone so far. (Keep in mind that the cell phone I am using to test is relatively old.) My brother has tested an earlier build of the project on his Samsung Galaxy S3 and it looks beautiful. (I'm talking about the phone.) So, progress is going forward, but I can't guarantee that when the semester starts.


This is an earlier shot, showing the targeting.

This is a little further along, showing the Score and Combo.

Just doing some debugging using Gamemaker's default debugging system.

Any comments about how this game and any of my other games are looking, feel free to comment.

I'm  not ashamed to use Gamemaker!

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