Saturday, January 26, 2013

Change of Plans

Plans have changed for projects. I have put Panic! Panic! on hold for the time being. This is due in part because I have assembled a team for the port of Auto-Warrior to Android. This had been put on hold mostly because of other projects and that I just didn't have the ability for many aspects of the game. Since I didn't write, or own, the music for the previous incarnations, I've needed someone to make the music. I just found someone willing to do so and has already started on the tracks I needed.

We are a team of three and hope to complete the project within the next two months. This is my first time working with an actual team and it's been very exciting to be in charge of this game making group.

The main focus right now, is to make a basic direct port of the game. However, if time permits, we will add extra feature.

I hope to keep you all updated as the progress on Auto-Warrior continues.

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