Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Book Report From My Senior Year

So, I was going along through some of my older writings and I found an old book report of mine from my senior English class in High School. I was obviously unprepared and I lost the outline of what I was supposed to put on the report. So, I came up with this:

Mark Bauer
English IV
Book Report on Ender’s Game.
(Now done without the outline.)

1. Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card (Born in August 25, 1951/uhh… I don’t remember the other info. (I lost the outline… heh… heh…)
2. Published in 1977
3. Umm… What’s next? Uh… Time/ Setting I guess. It takes place in the future. The exact time is unclear. It’s set a short time on Earth, then the main character moves to a space station.
4. The… uh… Plot Summary. The book starts out with a conversation. You don’t have an idea who’s talking until later. It basically sets the mood. It’s a nice effect. I liked it anyway. Anyway, the story follows the character Ender Wiggin. The world has turned to a somewhat communistic state where you’re only allowed to have two kids unless you get permission to. The government also represses religion. All this was caused by an alien attack. Therefore they increased they security thereby taking away their rights. Well, any who, they choose the brightest children to train to be leaders to fight against the next attack. One of these children is Ender. The children are transported to this training facility. There they play “games” to train them. Now, I don’t know how the book ends, because I didn’t finish it. But, it was very interesting.
5. What does it all mean? (Mark’s opinion.) When I was reading this book I couldn’t help but think of today. Today we are even debating on increased security. The argument is would it infringe upon our rights. This story is a good example of it. If we get to this state of military government, we end up focused on destroying the enemy. Also, it shows what happens when you take away a child from childlike things. Children aren’t meant for war. They are not meant to lead us. I think that was what the book was trying to emphasize. Even though it was written in the 70’s, it still can apply to us today.

Well, I think that is all I need. At least I hope.

So, there we have it. It was funny to me. I was surprised on what I actually put on there. But, I did eventually get around to reading ENDER'S GAME eventually. I got part of the idea right at least.

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