Friday, August 07, 2009

Doing Some Writing

So, I've been living here in Salem, Oregon for a little over a month now, and I still don't have a job. This kind of sucks, but it has allowed plenty of time to work on some other projects, namely writing projects. I've done more writing in the past month than I have ever done in a very long time. Maybe even my entire life.

I'm trying to figure out now how I can make money off doing this, seeing how this is something I want to actually do for a living and I've wanted to do something like this all my life. So, I'm trying to find ways to get out and noticed. I started this blog and I'm trying to do some research on some freelance work and other ways to get my work out there and make money for what I do so I can pay for college and continue working on other things.

I'm going to be starting some articles and things to try to get going on this. I'm gonna try doing some movie reviews on this site in the coming days and also some other articles of the like, delving into movies and gaming.

I've also been working on continuing some screenplays and regular plays that I started when I was still in high school as well as some short stories. I've also been working on some ideas that I came up with while I was in Brazil. I'm just trying to build up a portfolio of sorts.

I would give more details as to what I'm writing, but I have this fear of people stealing my ideas, I've always been like that. So, I'm being secretive about some of the things that I've been working on.

But, this is what I've been doing in the writing aspect of my creative designs. I feel that I do need to work on these writing projects more.

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