Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Movie Reviews


I rented this movie with high expectations. I mean with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson as the leads, you would think it would a really good film. This is usually the case when you’re dealing with high quality actors of the like. But, Last Chance Harvey just ended up falling short.
The story basically follows a depressing old man (Hoffman) as he goes to his daughter’s wedding. After a couple of awkward, depressing moments in the film, he meets a woman (Emma Thompson) almost as depressing as he is. It’s depressing and I felt depressed watching through most of the film. The bottom line is that my expectations were let down time and time again. How could something that had so much potential fall short? I did laugh at a few parts, yet some things just didn’t quite make all that much sense to me.
I watched it with my sister-in-law and she hated it. I, however, somewhat liked it. However, I don’t really recommend it to anybody who wants to feel better about themselves or about life. It’s slow paced, and you do feel sorry for the characters sometimes. I just can’t help but feel that it could have been done so much better.
It was mediocre at best.

Rating: Bad – Stupid – Mediocre at Best – Good – Really Good – Excellent


Now, Ghost Town was a big surprise for me. I really wasn’t expecting much from this film. As it started out, I thought “Wow, this looks pretty predictable.” Then, I was utterly taken off guard. The movie starts off with a “screw you” moment.
It’s a “romantic comedy” in that it’s a comedy that has a love story. It does focus on the comedy aspect more than the romance. I was actually surprised that the movie did have some heart to it; it was a bit touching at times. It wasn’t too depressing or emotional, it was well balanced.
It held my attention, and kept me going. It was the first movie in a long while that I had laughed so much. It was good, really good.

Rating: Crap – Stupid – Mediocre at Best – Good – Really Good – Excellent

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Ashleigh said...

i saw the first one, "last chance harvey" or whatever, and i was dissappointed, as well! like you said, given the cast, you'd think it would have been better!