Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Some Updates on Current Projects

So, here are two games that I'm currently working on right now.


This is a very basic RPG in which you control a warrior and fight monsters. It really has no plot, it's very oldschool. I wanted to try to make something very simple, I've probably only working on it for about a month.
The concept is pretty simple. You walk around and when you hit an enemy you get into battle, but the difference is that you don't control the character in battle. He fights by himself, so all preparation has to take place in between battle.
The basic engine is complete, so what is lacking now is just the basic completion and bug testing.

Scourge: of the Dark Knight

This is something I almost completed before going to Brazil. So, it was never posted anywhere.
I still had a few adjustments to make before posting. Right now I'm trying to finish the changes and make it suitable for posting. It's very much inspired by Castlevania and Metroid.
I hope to have the changes fixed soon and plan to have some people play test it before I get it posted. I want it to be good.

So that's some more of what I've been working on. If you want to help the play testing of either of these games, just say so. Also, The Dragon project has been put on hold for right now, at least until further notice.

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